Giant’s Causeway

Who is a Sacred Sojourner?

A sacred sojourner is a person who appreciates the journey as well as the destination; who wants to experience the ancient ways in a way that is sacred to all living creatures; and who embodies the sacred in the ordinary as well as extraordinary.

The extraordinary may come in the form of pilgrimages to sacred sites where fellow sacred sojourners share in ceremony and community.

As a community, we remember to give back to Mother Earth in many forms and maintain an equanimous relationship with the spirit and material worlds.

As we enter the sacred sites of Ireland we in fact enter a portal outside of time and are at one with the Ancients and Guardians of the cycles that have held that sacred space for us to enter in ceremony.

As sacred sojourners, our presence will fill and be filled with a sense of belonging to a beauty beyond the mental reaches of soul and our footprints will be ignited with an inspired step as we continue the Great Earth Walk.

Slieve Gullion

Slieve Gullion 

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