Awahoo and Justine in County Sligo

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We (Awahoo and Justine) met while training with don Oscar Miro-Quesada in the arts of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT). We decided to join our love for Earth honoring traditions and ceremony.  In the summer of 2015, we traveled around Ireland ceremonially honoring sacred sites by integrating Fairy and PMT traditions.  We enjoy the process of reciprocity and bring joy and fun to ceremony.

We are here to offer a link to the pre- and post- Celtic worlds and to promote Earth honoring practices.  We aim to provide unique experiences that will emphasize reciprocity to all that is sacred to the Earth.  Together we will learn about the myths/legends/and practices of the ancient communities who built sacred sites throughout  Ireland.  Our hope is to encourage people to walk in between the worlds with us while creating a sacred relationship with the Earth and the stars.




Awahoo has been a sacred sojourner since he was a child. By the age of 12, he had a good understanding of spiritual guides, karma, reincarnation and numerology. He grew up in Ireland in a place politically feared as well as spiritually revered – in the southern part of County Armagh. At 16, he left school and taught himself. He acquired an Honours Degree in Philosophy and an MA in Screenwriting. He worked as a croupier in the hectic Victoria Grosvenor Casino in London, taught English in Asia, managed and captained a soccer team, and wrote and directed a movie while abroad in Thailand.

He has travelled throughout Australia, India, Nepal, China, and the Americas leading to several mystical synchronicities and meeting many great teachers along the way. As a sacred sojourner he wouldn’t just visit a temple, he would stay in a temple for a month and live with the monks and nuns. He has learnt Vipassana meditation, Tai-Chi, Kung Fu, and Taoism. In 2002, he published his first book ‘Wisdom Dips.’ In 2004, he became a Reiki Master. Upon return to Ireland, Awahoo began to deepen his wisdom with shamanic based practices. During that time, he received the Peruvian Munay-Ki Rites. He also studied Peruvian Shamanism with don Oscar Miro-Quesada in the apprenticeship program of the PMT. He has been conducting Celtic shamanic ceremonies locally in Ireland and activating many sacred sites. He is keenly in tune with the land and shares his love with the spirits and the people through ceremony. In the fall of 2015, he finished filming as a cast member of the HBO TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ season VI. Awahoo is an intuitive, wise, and loving soul, imbibed with feisty Fairy humor. He also plays a mean game of poker and is brilliant with a billiard cue.

Uisenach – Sacred Center of Ireland


Justine grew up in Massachusetts, USA.  She is an educator (carries current elementary and ESL teaching licenses in California and Massachusetts). For more than two decades she has worked with pre-school, elementary, adolescent, and adult learners. She taught in Hiroshima, Japan and studied taiko (Japanese drumming), fan dance, martial arts, and learned Vipassana meditation while in Japan.  She currently holds a certification as a Learning From the Heart Facilitator (an alternative teaching method to teaching reading, writing, and math).  She studied taiko (SF Taiko Dojo), has taught mindfulness in the classroom and movement (yoga – three certifications to teach adults, adolescents, and children and various dance styles). She is an advocate for non-violent communication and is a published fellow of Yale University focusing on non-violent curriculum.

During her time as a teacher and seeker, she realized that there was something missing: a connection between the head and heart. She has traveled to and experienced various cultures (Asia, Central America, South America, and Europe). She has joined in the sacred ceremony of sweat lodge as well as other indigenous ceremonies and has participated in as well as served people on vision quests in North America.  She has also received Peruvian Munay-Ki Rites. She is a Pachikuti Mesa Carrier and a sanctioned PMT Facilitator.  She is inspired to share the gifts that she has received throughout her years as a sacred sojourner. She continues to appreciate and love compassion, humor, music, singing, as well as learning how to breathe deeply and help others enjoy rather than endure this human experience on this little blue marble.



Anraí and Awahoo on the top of Carrowkeel

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